Rave plus Currency Creek

I just discovered from Leigh on Plurk that she has a list of the Top 100 Chick Bloggers. I am a bit desperate to find people's blogs to read, although the recent Fifty Something Group on LJ has perked up life considerably.I like to read the blogs about people's lives- I'm not so much into the art and lit crit ones or the political comment ones; I prefer a mixture centred around one human. I tend to find the ones about making a business out of blogging and being online pretty unappealing, although some friends do this style. Hopefully I will find a few kindred souls amongst the ever changing ranks of the Top 100 (and their mates).
I have surprisingly bounced back quite quickly from Black Dog Country, although I wouldn't say I feel wonderful. I sneakily manipulated some of my prescribed chemicals as it takes too long to get an OK from the doc- by then I'd be curled in a ball unable to get there on my own- Catch 22. At the weekend we were a bit slow to get started (and we haven't finished…) but we DID go on a nice little trip to the Murraylands on Sunday.Not all dry
I was keen to get some pix of the lovely “layers” the reeds and paddocks make under the rainy sky. There were beaut stands of reeds with plumy heads, dramatic clouds and rows of picturesque bare grape vines. I think these look like big furry caterpillars! Furry caterpillars
We went on a walk for a few kms through the bush, reeds and protea plantations. There was a bit of drizzle now and then, but nothing to panic about. Naturally Spotrick and I lagged behind taking pix, while everyone else walked ahead. We had to keep jogging to catch up, which was good for us, definitely.Friends in a landscapeScattered on the path occasionally were pink gum blossoms, to accompany the pink proteas that were bracting away in long rows. Its nice down here
Plantation protea

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