About Murfomurf = Kay

Small, quirky and always on the move – that’s me.

I’m a 60 year old [WHAT??] who feels only about 25 or 30 and I am frustratingly unemployed and incomeless. My ideal job would be doing research and service development in Public Health, but meanwhile I’m finishing an MPH and I’ll do a PhD if I have to. In this blog I write about my life. I have a range of topics about which I’m passionate and others that capture my attention from news, current affairs and friends’ lives. As a bit of background: when I was a kid, I was good at everything except team sport and in the looks department; I didn’t achieve great height either. These days I am deemed not to be good enough at anything to be employed full-time, so I’m hanging around semi-stunned.

My blogging tends to have at least a wry note, if not a completely Pythonesque aspect! Since I find blogging therapeutic, I sometimes touch on my experiences with Major Depression, but I won’t drag you down. My posts tend to contain what I THINK, rather than be about what I do, although you’ll find a bit about various art and crafting activities. Although I’ve been pretty much unemployed for 4 years, and only semi-employed for 7 years before that, I still blog about the topics of my old work. My favourite work topics are mental health, eating disorders, depression, body “image” and public health. You’ll find I’m fairly leftie in a 70s Hippie kind of way, but without the stars in my eyes or the Little Red Book in my pocket. My main mission in life is achieving some sort of “fairness”.

13 thoughts on “About Murfomurf = Kay

  1. Interesting! 59 and thinking of starting a PhD? WOW. My lethargic self could do with a lesson or two from you! Subbing to your blog, look forwards to read more stuff from you!


  2. Kay! I’m happy you’re on wordpress! The world could use what you have to share. You’re a good person with a heart of gold. You may not know how your good-ness affect some lives.

    Keep it up!

    I can’t wait to read your blogs. Later this evening, I hope.

  3. Hi Kay Thanks for following me at Amsterdamned! This particular blog has reached its conclusion and I’m hoping that it will be published as an e book and a paperback in 2012. I will follow you. Pleased to meet you!

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