No slough of despond for this guy…

I just had to re-post this messsage from a friend of mine in NYC, who photographs street life- his life has been a tangle lately, with squatters occupying the old family house and his accommodation being flooded by broken pipes upstairs.. now this…
“my wife Genie had a typical kind of NY accident
the night before last, which often proves fatal. She rides
in the back of the subway train, as our stop's steps are
there, so the conductor in the middle would not be able to
see her… at 1:30 AM, she was coming home from work, as
she usually does – the life of a new york lawyer, and she
missed her footing and fell between the train and the
platform, getting wedged at her upper thigh. Quick thinking
passengers pulled the emergency cord, and two, worked her
out of the gap. I got one of those terrible calls from the
police, and beat them all to the hospital. Her leg is a bit
chewed up, but no broken bones. After being up all night in
the hospital, she refused to take a day off… went home,
changed Mum's bandages from her recent biopsy, and then
went to work, where she is sueing the City ( I expect she
might be again soon, for herself as the gap was too
wide…) But, what can you say, luck and pluck, eh? She was
so in shock at the scene, her blood pressure dropped so much
the EMT was nearly in shock… I'm still in shock.

All the best”

I think the family needs a good holiday in Tahiti!


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