No trip

    I couldn’t quite believe I would not go on our planned trip to Iceland when my back was playing up. I thought the back would get under control before we left and could I look after it well while we were away. But no, once we got into the “no withdrawal/no refund” periodContinue reading “No trip”

Day 7 NaBloPoMo: Quickie not following a prompt!

A few days ago I received a terrific surprise in the mail- an annual report on my World Vision Child in Haiti! She had survived the massive earthquake and problems afterwards. I hope she doesn’t get cholera- but her report said she was very healthy and hadn’t visited the doctor for anything other than aContinue reading “Day 7 NaBloPoMo: Quickie not following a prompt!”

New meme: Travels on Google Earth

I just dug out this, which was the makings of a new post several months ago. Since my “flyover” of Alaska I have also explored the northern coast of Russia/Siberia, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and the Pacific Coast of California from Monterey Bay northwards. I have learnt so much about landscape, erosion, geology, landuseContinue reading “New meme: Travels on Google Earth”

A Frank Hurley Photo of Antarctica 1915

Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: Frank_Hurley, 1915, Antarctica, copyright_free I was so amazed by the set of Frank Hurley’s photographs on Flickr via the State Library of NSW that I had to blog one! Most are free of copyright and shown in the Creative Commons group on Flickr. It has been my ambition forContinue reading “A Frank Hurley Photo of Antarctica 1915”