I’m writing a post. Duh!

I haven’t posted much in either blog for a while- just the occasional outburst. However, my head has been FULL of ideas on what I want to say to the world. My drafts are also getting a bit overwhelming. So- here I am. The first thing is about my disappearance from Facebook. I was quiteContinue reading “I’m writing a post. Duh!”

New meme: Travels on Google Earth

I just dug out this, which was the makings of a new post several months ago. Since my “flyover” of Alaska I have also explored the northern coast of Russia/Siberia, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and the Pacific Coast of California from Monterey Bay northwards. I have learnt so much about landscape, erosion, geology, landuseContinue reading “New meme: Travels on Google Earth”

Shopping and alpacas

As usual for a Saturday we did the weekly shopping- special ingredients this week were the makings for Turkish Wedding Soup (chicken meat to go with the carrots, capsicums, lentils and stock we already had in the pantry). I’ll put the recipe in when I get a photo of the finished noms. A few hoursContinue reading “Shopping and alpacas”

Unusual views

I can be a bit hard to take for some peeps with some Unusual Views on some topics, eg. private health insurance (I think it should be illegal!); but the Unusual Views I’m aiming at here are photographic ones. As I’m the group co-ordinator for the South Australia/Northern Territory section of Flickr Australian Photographers fortnightlyContinue reading “Unusual views”

Slinkin’ up on some links

Since Shai Coggins has a regular blog feature on interesting links (Web Wednesdays), Samela Harris has a newspaper column on interesting and amusing ones (The Advertiser in Adelaide; a division of news.com.au), and Steve Davis has a radio program on them (Adelaide Radio 5AA), I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve come acrossContinue reading “Slinkin’ up on some links”