Breakthrough flash of insight!!

After having a dream last night that kept recurring in different forms, I’ve had a real breakthrough insight into what my depression is all about!! Amazing! Now this may be a real no-brainer to everyone else, BUT, I’ve discovered that [due to my upbringing] I know fuck-all about relationship maintenance! My relationships become un-rewarding forContinue reading “Breakthrough flash of insight!!”

We need this program in Oz: Ruby Wax’s Mad Confessions

Reflecting on a british TV program about mental illness and wondering whether I am experiencing stigma.

I’m writing a post. Duh!

I haven’t posted much in either blog for a while- just the occasional outburst. However, my head has been FULL of ideas on what I want to say to the world. My drafts are also getting a bit overwhelming. So- here I am. The first thing is about my disappearance from Facebook. I was quiteContinue reading “I’m writing a post. Duh!”

Disaster – OMG!

Yep- that “little” thing that sends the whole day to hell, is one of my most destructive habits! My therapist & I call this “disaster-ising” and I really have to keep trying hard to stamp it out. [Does anyone else remember the “father” of Cognitive Therapy, Albert Ellis, whose Rational Emotive Therapy talked about disasterizingContinue reading “Disaster – OMG!”

Cutting the rave short to post!

Today some of my Twitter friends seemed to be getting very concerned about what has happened and what may be happening soon, to the Australian health system. I am a little worried about progress on mental health care, but not convinced that the government can force much privatisation on the populace. First, several Tweeps wereContinue reading “Cutting the rave short to post!”

Touch of the Henries

[This post is also Day1 for NaBloPoMo] No this is not about unwanted sexual touching in the workplace. Nor is it about the Annual Henry Mancini Musical Theatre Awards; nor the greeting card industry’s awards; nor even the standard unit of electrical inductance! It’s about motivation. *”A touch of the Henries” = ennui. Haven’t youContinue reading “Touch of the Henries”

My mental health is interfering with this Mental Health Day post

I wanted to do a really interesting post, but my motivation is totally crap at the moment. This is what it’s like having depression and I continue to learn to live with it. The weather here has something to do with me not perking up as summer approaches [here in the Southern Hemisphere]. It hasContinue reading “My mental health is interfering with this Mental Health Day post”