My mental health is interfering with this Mental Health Day post

I wanted to do a really interesting post, but my motivation is totally crap at the moment. This is what it’s like having depression and I continue to learn to live with it. The weather here has something to do with me not perking up as summer approaches [here in the Southern Hemisphere]. It hasContinue reading “My mental health is interfering with this Mental Health Day post”

Milan, Senegal/Dakar, Italy

Milan, Senegal/Dakar, Italy. The colours and combinations in this article from Hand/Eye are just the thing to perk me up. If only I could just immerse myself in all these colours like a multi-orgasmic dye-bath! I think that if I lost my sight, life wouldn’t be worth living. If I couldn’t hear music any more,Continue reading “Milan, Senegal/Dakar, Italy”

New Year’s Day 12 noon

Last night no alcohol- this morning, no hangover- yayy!! However, we had to get up early as Bridie and AJ were off to drive to Melbourne and subsequently Zeehan, Tasmania. Bridie has gone for a short but indefinite stay, summoned by her old friend Alan who needs company as he goes through the last stagesContinue reading “New Year’s Day 12 noon”