New meme: Travels on Google Earth

I just dug out this, which was the makings of a new post several months ago. Since my “flyover” of Alaska I have also explored the northern coast of Russia/Siberia, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and the Pacific Coast of California from Monterey Bay northwards. I have learnt so much about landscape, erosion, geology, landuseContinue reading “New meme: Travels on Google Earth”

An internet rendezvous

Today I linked up again with an online friend who lives in The Netherlands. He once lived in Adelaide and worked in the Emergency Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, but I never knew hom then! Now he is a specialist anaesthetist and intensive care doctor back in his home country, where he still findsContinue reading “An internet rendezvous”

Flickr is less mesmerising

sand and foam.. Originally uploaded by itsbk#2 Wow! It’s difficult to imagine how close he had to get to capture this shot, nor how big the splash is… whatever- it’s awesome! I bet this amazing photo doesn’t get onto Flickr’s Explore page for the day. This is because Flickr’s criteria for “Interestingness” have changed sinceContinue reading “Flickr is less mesmerising”

Mucking about with theme, header

Spotrick and a few others had been finding my blog a bit unreadable with the black background/white text, although I love white on black! Therefore I’ve experimentally gone to the K2 theme with a bigger font and black on white. The header is giving me some trouble, so I’ll probably change it a few timesContinue reading “Mucking about with theme, header”

Unusual views

I can be a bit hard to take for some peeps with some Unusual Views on some topics, eg. private health insurance (I think it should be illegal!); but the Unusual Views I’m aiming at here are photographic ones. As I’m the group co-ordinator for the South Australia/Northern Territory section of Flickr Australian Photographers fortnightlyContinue reading “Unusual views”