It is a genuine dilemma in this age of new-fangled “molecular” drugs, that some seem to work very well during their first human trials, but we have to wait years to get them to the public. Of course there is massive cost to consider in some cases, but I don’t know about eteplirsen. Public healthContinue reading

My excuse

OK- I haven’t kept up with NaBloPoMo this month, in spite of my ambitions. Life threw me a bit of a curler. Two people I knew happened to die on the anniversary of my mum’s death and I got all discombobulated. One person died peacefully in his sleep after many years of heart problems, plusContinue reading “My excuse”

Another whale stranding

Upon opening the lappy this morning, top of the news list was this: Rescue efforts continue for beached whales Basically, a pod of sperm whales became stranded on some huge sandbars at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s wild west coast. You can see how narrow the harbour entrance is, plus sandbars are visibleContinue reading “Another whale stranding”

Day 9 NaBloPoMo: What happens when I die?

I nicked the prompt for yesterday as I didn’t fancy the lying one- it was too multifarious in its implications! Also, CynicalGirl has just posted about getting older on her blog and that’s what happens before you die! She seems to find the physical changes the most noticeable, involving loss of function and pain, butContinue reading “Day 9 NaBloPoMo: What happens when I die?”