When will things be RIGHT?

Hello Kind Readers (if any of you check back here), I am in the grip of a two-year plague of procrastination and holding back from whatever I am holding back from. Somehow I am writing this, so I have now conquered a tiny section of it, inspired by commenting on Lori Stone’s piece, The hardContinue reading “When will things be RIGHT?”

Do you still call it “material”? Fabric indulgence.

Was flipping through some Google pages when my attention was grabbed by this pleasant- looking fabric: I’ve been picking out some fabrics for a couple of projects as I received a little cash for some work I did a while ago. Treats come rarely around here at the moment, so I’m indulging myself in smallContinue reading “Do you still call it “material”? Fabric indulgence.”

Day 6 NaBloPoMo: Without sight- I wouldn’t want to live.

Which of my senses would I miss most- sight, definitely- I truly would rather die than not be able to see. All my life I have been a lover of colour– and bright colour, at that. No matter what the fashion or decorating trend, I like certain colours and combinations of colours above others- IContinue reading “Day 6 NaBloPoMo: Without sight- I wouldn’t want to live.”

Backing up to slam the knockbacks

This last week I’ve actually got a few things started. Even a few finished- the black delustred satin jacket for the wedding last Saturday was a major victory; but circumstances have been knocking me back at a rate of knots. If you’ve read UADLTAE before, you’ll know I have major probs doing anything due toContinue reading “Backing up to slam the knockbacks”