Not so bad after all

Here I am back again (again). Must write blog. Must write. Specifically, I am honouring Erin at Daisies and Bruises who just came back from the slough of despond and WROTE!! Last night in South Australia we had a once-in-fifty-years weather event which brought down 23 electricity pylons and blacked out the entire state forContinue reading “Not so bad after all”

When will things be RIGHT?

Hello Kind Readers (if any of you check back here), I am in the grip of a two-year plague of procrastination and holding back from whatever I am holding back from. Somehow I am writing this, so I have now conquered a tiny section of it, inspired by commenting on Lori Stone’s piece, The hardContinue reading “When will things be RIGHT?”

Breakthrough flash of insight!!

After having a dream last night that kept recurring in different forms, I’ve had a real breakthrough insight into what my depression is all about!! Amazing! Now this may be a real no-brainer to everyone else, BUT, I’ve discovered that [due to my upbringing] I know fuck-all about relationship maintenance! My relationships become un-rewarding forContinue reading “Breakthrough flash of insight!!”

Finding hope

I’ve joined the 52 blog posts in 52 weeks blogathon started by Bronwyn Clee, so I thought I would announce my theme. My personal goal is to find hope for the longer term future for myself. If you’ve ever visited this blog before you might have noticed I get visited by the Black Dog quiteContinue reading “Finding hope”

My mental health is interfering with this Mental Health Day post

I wanted to do a really interesting post, but my motivation is totally crap at the moment. This is what it’s like having depression and I continue to learn to live with it. The weather here has something to do with me not perking up as summer approaches [here in the Southern Hemisphere]. It hasContinue reading “My mental health is interfering with this Mental Health Day post”