Yellow is happy

Before I was 40 I really hated the colour Yellow without the faintest idea why. Then I was looking at a book of garden landscaping ideas and fell in love with a yellow and white rose garden. That was it- I became enamoured of yellow in general- even the dull mustard shades and screaming neon lemon!

Slight mustardy yellow

Yellow is the colour of my latest sewing project, a skirt made from rectangles of fabric that I was able to tear, because I haven’t got any spring-back scissors currently. With recently diagnosed wrist arthritis I need the extra help as ordinary scissors make it hurt after about two chops! I love to tear constructively, too- it’s such a powerful feeling, LOL!

The skirt is an adapted copy of a Vogue pattern I saw online. When I investigated the price of the pattern it was either the pattern or the fabric. Naturally the fabric won!

This is the pattern I based it on, Vogue V1248, Designer andreakatzobjects:

Skirt I'm sewing

Skirt like this but smaller pockets

The pattern as it stands has a fitted waist with a multi-wind sash, but I’ve substituted a waist to hip straight section with two strips of elastic through the top. There’s no point cinching in my waist as I am an “Apple” with my waist as big as my hips! The fullness in the skirt will make me more balanced as I have wide shoulders and large upper arms for  my height. In fact I wouldn’t say I have height as I’m under 5 feet [1.5 metres] tall and quite happy that way too! However, I definitely don’t have the proportions of the model pictured!

I’m using a lightweight fine cotton voile as the skirt is for out very hot summer. Anything synthetic just makes me uncomfortable in the heat and I don’t mind ironing cotton as long as the aircon is working!

Skirt diagram

A further adaptation I’ve made is to reduce the size and fullness of the pockets because I’m overall a small person and don’t want to look like a pack horse. I’m trying to make the pockets stand out a little from the sides of the skirt, but not as floppy as pictured. It looks as though I should gather 3 sides of the pockets slightly, then attach them, finally removing the gathering thread. As I’m doing an elastic waist, there are no darts or zips, so the whole thing should be finished very swiftly. I’m making it slightly shorter as well because I don’t wear high heels much- can’t walk in them and there’s not much point me trying to have long sexy legs. No guy has ever complained about my legs, so they’re OK the way they are! If other women snigger about my lack of height, I haven’t heard them and hope they get a giggle.

This skirt will probably be worn with a black or navy top but not white as that tends to make me look top heavy. Let’s see how I go. Finished object next post!


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