A comedian stands up for sums. From New Scientist

Sounds like a great read with a bit of involvement. PLEASE everyone, look into the fun side of maths for your kid’s sake. Kids need to enjoy maths and appreciate it is just a set of rules and facts they can commit to memory, just like any other subject. You don’t have to be goodContinue reading “A comedian stands up for sums. From New Scientist”

We need this program in Oz: Ruby Wax’s Mad Confessions

Reflecting on a british TV program about mental illness and wondering whether I am experiencing stigma.

Need to stop thinking about…

Distracting myself from problems I cannot solve by thinking about things I sorted out in an entrepreneurial fashion.

Praise was a no-no

Child development: The right kind of early praise predicts positive attitudes toward effort. _____________________________________________________ When I taught developmental psychology to young teacher- and childcare-trainees, I fought a losing battle most of the time trying to show them how to use praise in the best way to enhance the lives of the little ones in theirContinue reading “Praise was a no-no”

It is a genuine dilemma in this age of new-fangled “molecular” drugs, that some seem to work very well during their first human trials, but we have to wait years to get them to the public. Of course there is massive cost to consider in some cases, but I don’t know about eteplirsen. Public healthContinue reading

What will keep me going in 2013?

Just gathering my wits at the moment to make a blog post. I managed to get through 2012 with a few wobbles in the middle surrounding mis-haps in the arts and the inability to intervene in the fate of a beautiful cat. Around Christmas things were better than the previous year due to a winContinue reading “What will keep me going in 2013?”

I’m writing a post. Duh!

I haven’t posted much in either blog for a while- just the occasional outburst. However, my head has been FULL of ideas on what I want to say to the world. My drafts are also getting a bit overwhelming. So- here I am. The first thing is about my disappearance from Facebook. I was quiteContinue reading “I’m writing a post. Duh!”

The sun goes down on solar

At last! The Australian government has announced the end of the cash rebate on solar power/hot water panels. Industry heavyweights and installation contractors are said to be “furious” after the seemingly sudden announcement, but the scheme was always going to end in 2012. I am quite glad it has finished and wish it had neverContinue reading “The sun goes down on solar”