Overpopulation blasts the landscape

Although there was no such thing as a “greenie” when I was a kid, I think I’ve had a touch of green all my life. I first became upset about deforestation when I heard that local farmers/ranchers were chopping down the Amazon rainforestsĀ and clearing them to graze cattle. I can remember reading about it inContinue reading “Overpopulation blasts the landscape”

New Year’s Day 12 noon

Last night no alcohol- this morning, no hangover- yayy!! However, we had to get up early as Bridie and AJ were off to drive to Melbourne and subsequently Zeehan, Tasmania. Bridie has gone for a short but indefinite stay, summoned by her old friend Alan who needs company as he goes through the last stagesContinue reading “New Year’s Day 12 noon”

Giving things up

Yep- it will sound like another whinge, but I think I’ll write it down, just to get it out… I seem to have given up all sorts of little things to try to conserve money, since I’m rarely earning any, but it doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the home finances. Should IContinue reading “Giving things up”