WHISPER: One word prompt

I HATE hearing whispering!! I have always hated it. There is a particularly spitty p-p-p lip flapping whisper that my parents used when they had their early morning cuppa at about 6 am. They whispered because they thought it would not wake me up but when it DID they just kept whispering. I told themContinue reading “WHISPER: One word prompt”

The prompt is: Assay

This prompt immediately brought to mind the time when I discovered a tin of heavy metallic blobs among the assorted possessions of my deceased Uncle Norman. Uncle Norman was great to have as an uncle. He had no kids of his own and only a few nieces and nephews who lived a hundred or moreContinue reading “The prompt is: Assay”

Pink hearts, mechanical sheep and flamenco

[This was dashed off ages ago, but I’ve only just re-discovered it. I’ve had stacks of dreams since but this one marked the end of YEARS without memorable dreams. A landmark in the unconscious world you might say.] A dream, after all these years! This one was a strange mixture inspired by the movie I’veContinue reading “Pink hearts, mechanical sheep and flamenco”

Deities vs denigration. Or how to stop dwelling on things.

I was trying to locate some pointers on rumination that I felt were suitable to my own situation, being depressed. A few behaviourally oriented ones sounded good while others went all god-dy and totally put me off. What is the point of a deity saving you after you are dead to make everything right? You’re deadContinue reading “Deities vs denigration. Or how to stop dwelling on things.”

Praise was a no-no

Child development: The right kind of early praise predicts positive attitudes toward effort. _____________________________________________________ When I taught developmental psychology to young teacher- and childcare-trainees, I fought a losing battle most of the time trying to show them how to use praise in the best way to enhance the lives of the little ones in theirContinue reading “Praise was a no-no”

These Were a Few of Their Favorite Things – and a few of mine

These Were a Few of Their Favorite Things – NYTimes.com. I’ve been interested in science, reading & discovering things since I was tiny, but never had any of those wonderful construction toys that boys seemed to get for Christmas. I had plenty of dolls that I loved to dress up with clothes I had sewnContinue reading “These Were a Few of Their Favorite Things – and a few of mine”

My excuse

OK- I haven’t kept up with NaBloPoMo this month, in spite of my ambitions. Life threw me a bit of a curler. Two people I knew happened to die on the anniversary of my mum’s death and I got all discombobulated. One person died peacefully in his sleep after many years of heart problems, plusContinue reading “My excuse”

Another whale stranding

Upon opening the lappy this morning, top of the news list was this: Rescue efforts continue for beached whales Basically, a pod of sperm whales became stranded on some huge sandbars at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s wild west coast. You can see how narrow the harbour entrance is, plus sandbars are visibleContinue reading “Another whale stranding”