Who gets the most?

I just came across this dress advertised on MyCatWalk.com.au. The price is $435 and it’s designed by Ginger & Smart. So what? This dress is a T-shirt with some pieces of silk chiffon sewn onto it! That’s all! Why is it $435 and who gets the lion’s share? I’m sure I’ve seen similar dresses onlineContinue reading “Who gets the most?”

Milan, Senegal/Dakar, Italy

Milan, Senegal/Dakar, Italy. The colours and combinations in this article from Hand/Eye are just the thing to perk me up. If only I could just immerse myself in all these colours like a multi-orgasmic dye-bath! I think that if I lost my sight, life wouldn’t be worth living. If I couldn’t hear music any more,Continue reading “Milan, Senegal/Dakar, Italy”

Do you still call it “material”? Fabric indulgence.

Was flipping through some Google pages when my attention was grabbed by this pleasant- looking fabric: I’ve been picking out some fabrics for a couple of projects as I received a little cash for some work I did a while ago. Treats come rarely around here at the moment, so I’m indulging myself in smallContinue reading “Do you still call it “material”? Fabric indulgence.”

Day 10 NaBloPoMo: Getting ready for Christmas

As usual I have left if fairly late to do special things in preparation for Christmas. As a kid, there wasn’t much preparation and I didn’t learn to get into a routine more than a few days before the day! My parents and I lived in a coastal town hundreds and thousands of kilometres fromContinue reading “Day 10 NaBloPoMo: Getting ready for Christmas”

Shopping and alpacas

As usual for a Saturday we did the weekly shopping- special ingredients this week were the makings for Turkish Wedding Soup (chicken meat to go with the carrots, capsicums, lentils and stock we already had in the pantry). I’ll put the recipe in when I get a photo of the finished noms. A few hoursContinue reading “Shopping and alpacas”

Progress- Da-dah!! on the five projects meme

I have made a little progress on some of my five projects for the Five Projects Meme started by Rantz. On the project involving making beads from my glass work so that they can be threaded, I have discovered that a Nichrome wire can be baked and fused into the glass without it melting andContinue reading “Progress- Da-dah!! on the five projects meme”