Another re-start

Here I am, re-starting again after not getting far in 2013. However, neglecting my blogs has been accompanied by finishing my Masters and a small but promising start on resuming my hobbies! I need to complete the paperwork [somehow] and go to a formal graduation so I can believe I REALLY HAVE finished the Masters in Public Health.

As for my hobbies, I’ve managed to resurrect my sewing machine in the past week and I was already bumbling along on it before I gave it a good servicing. I deliberately got onto Pinterest and started collecting ideas for sewing/patchwork/quilting/beading/general maker-ing so I’ve acquired some patterns via the interwebs and made a few blogger contacts.

About the only sewing I’ve done this year has been the manufacture of a small-scale parachute which a friend needed for a short film she was making as part of a Diploma Course at MAPS [youtube=]. She bought the fabric while I designed and manuafactured it. Researching the shape and mechanics of the parachute was quite fun and the props people were quite taken with it!

Obviously, my mood hasn’t been wonderful or I would have been back into regular blogging etc. Last year I lost some momentum mid-year and was rescued by referral to a cognitive therapist (psychologist). My response to the cognitive programme was pretty remarkable for me because I sailed along and finished my dissertation really quickly after spending a regular time on it every day for a month.

I hit a big snag on the interpersonal front last September or so when a new photography pal suddenly went all peculiar on me, cutting me off dead for 4 months. We eventually linked up again but he’s cut me off again this year and it’s been 5 months so far. I’m pretty sure he has Asperger’s syndrome but finding a label doesn’t open up any alternative communication channels, worse luck. Mini parachute making a soft landing in the box hedge

A friend helped me sort out the Tax Man and that was a great relief. The Tax Dept had been chasing me for years and I hadn’t succeeded in fighting them off. They assumed I had a business that was bringing in a huge income and started demanding $1 100 a month for every month I hadn’t completed a form! I tried to cancel my business number online but they demanded I come in myself and identify myself with my passport. I took it in but it had expired that day [shiiiittt]. They said they’d only accept a new passport for ID. I couldn’t afford a new passport – no income – couldn’t pay over $300. Sooo the round about route to getting an identity was to become an Australian Citizen- without ID – so I did the test, got tipped and teed up an accountant to clear up the tax mess. Now I’m clear and have received a small refund, so I’m happy enough not to be pursued any more. Bastards. I would break down on the phone to them and was unable to speak. They didn’t give a stuff. Basically said that I had to clear it or else they’d sub poena me for court and off to the clink if I couldn’t pay up!! Wonderful! What a department.

Anyhow, after all that singularly unspectacular tale, I’d better get back to #NanoWriMo which I started yesterday. My debutante novel has the title “Glitter” and it’s based on a dream I had, which already inspired my friend’s short film “Grace” which used the parachute!


2 thoughts on “Another re-start

  1. Whoa, it’s been a rough year, I see. I was just looking through my blog, which has been neglected. I came across your comment on the Christmas entry. I hope 2015 brings you nothing but the best!

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