Breakthrough flash of insight!!

After having a dream last night that kept recurring in different forms, I’ve had a real breakthrough insight into what my depression is all about!! Amazing! Now this may be a real no-brainer to everyone else, BUT, I’ve discovered that [due to my upbringing] I know fuck-all about relationship maintenance!

My relationships become un-rewarding for me because I DON’T PROVIDE ANY RELATIONSHIP MAINTENANCE in the way of affection to my partners. I don’t put more than the slightest bit IN so I eventually find I’m getting nothing OUT. Gradually my poor bloke becomes more and more discouraged about his input efforts with me, ergo I feel the zip is gone and I shut down and get depressed.

Now I’ll have to set about being demonstrative and that will be difficult and may not work immediately, but it’s POSSIBLE, so I’ll give it a go.

Flash of insight

Flash of insight

How’s that? I feel quite proud of myself for sorting that one out after sixty years living in a black hole!


2 thoughts on “Breakthrough flash of insight!!

  1. Start slow…extend your hand..lay your head on their shoulder..look into their eyes and just listen as they speak to you..engage visually. Share laughter and enjoy music together. Be close when timing permits. Make a little extra effort to change your pattern. See how it feels.

  2. Those flashes of inspiration can be so important, and I recognise the sense of pride that comes from being willing to take their lessons on board. We’re alive to learn this kind of thing. I’ve used counselling to gain insights and tackle my depression successfully, but discovering things on one’s own is very special. I hope this has had a positive effect on you life since.

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