A simple glass of water

Only too well I know how distractible I am when my mood is not topnotch. To illustrate, let me tell you the saga of my attempt to get a glass of water to wash down my lunch of almonds and fresh fruit.

1. Into the kitchen I go. The devil kitty (Ms Moustiers Ste Marie, “don’t mess with me”, toothless, 21 years old and chief Demand-0-Cat) yowls for food; I fed her half a dish of chicken about 15 minutes ago.

2. Searching on the sink for the rinsed catfood spoon, I discover it has been left dirty, so I wash it.

3. I have to find a new container of catfood in the pantry.

4. Feed kitty.

5. Notice that last nights debris has not been sorted, parceled and sent bin-wards.

6. Wrap two lots of discards & recyclables.

Fantasy in the backyard
Fantasy in the backyard

7. Take rubbish to bins, which have been left in the drive from yesterdays garbage collection run (just rubbish & metal/glass/paper recyclables, not green recyclables).
8. Go into garage to dispose of green waste.

9. Of course I noticed while out the front that I had parked the car on a tiny sliver of garden hose sticking out from the garden bed. Must shift it.

10. Into the house, fetching the car keys & promptly yowled at by THAT cat again.

11. Move car- get out, lock it. Still parked it on another piece of hose.

12. Two more car moves, including out onto the street; at last nothing is caught under the wheels.

13. Re-inflate squashed hose by running high-power jet through it for 30 seconds.

14. Back inside, feed kitty again.

15. Get clean glass, fill with tap water.

16. Sit down again,


Published by Murfomurf

I am someone with far too many interests to do them all every week. This is a personal blog with no particular theme- just what I want to write. I might not LOOK very interesting but you may be rewarded for taking some time to discover me! I feel as though I am about 25 or 30 and would have liked to have had a rewarding job until I gave up searching in March 2015. My ideal job would be doing research and service development in Public Health, but meanwhile I finished an MPH and I’ll do a PhD if I have to. This blog is mainly about my life and thoughts. I'm passionate about all sorts of topics that capture my attention from news, current affairs and friends’ lives. As a bit of background: when I was a kid, I was good at everything except team sport and in the looks department; I didn’t achieve great height either. These days I am deemed not to be good enough at anything to be employed, although I used to be a uni lecturer and health researcher. My blogging tends to have at least a wry note, if not a completely Pythonesque aspect! Since I find blogging therapeutic, I sometimes touch on my experiences with Major Depression, but I won’t drag you down. My posts tend to contain what I THINK, and hopefully some of what I do. Although I’ve been pretty much unemployed for 4 years, and only semi-employed for 7 years before that, I still blog about the topics of my old work. My favourite work topics are mental health, eating disorders, depression, body “image” and public health. Im a strong supporter of equity. You’ll find I’m fairly leftie in a 70s Hippie kind of way, but without the stars in my eyes or the Little Red Book in my pocket. My main mission in life is achieving some sort of “fairness”.

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