China vs India: What & why

I’ve just started a new ScoopIt bulletin on this topic after seeing an article in The Australian newspaper. I wasn’t aware that India felt that China was gradually surrounding it with pro-China [and anti-India] nations by getting them into China’s nuclear expansion plans. India has always had border difficultis all along the north because of dubious lines drawn on maps, arbititray splitting of tribal and religious groups and clashes over arable, habitable land in extremely mountainous areas.

While I’ve been aware for some time that Pakistan is probably [knowingly or unwittingly] sheltering pro-Taliban groups, I wasn’t aware that China still had designs on India and was befriending more nations on the borders. Apparently there have been some agreements forged between China and others concerning supply and support of technology & weapons. I’m not sure of the details [who is?], but it seems India is quite paranoid about it. Indian newspapers abound with stories, especially about supposed Maoists who may have been recruited to the older-style communist philosophies of China on the north-east border.

If you’re interested, have a look at the articles gathered by my ScoopIt bulletin

If you are commentator or expert on the topic, please send me some links! I need to learn.


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