Down with the Cult of Celebrity!

IMHO the Cult of Celebrity is the root of all evil in the world today!!

That doesn’t sound very humble, but I believe it.

Why is some nobody named Kim Kardashian in Australia to sell handbags? Why are carparks full, airport security guards on overtime and shopping centres clogged with people who aren’t really shopping? It’s all due to this ridiculous cult. It seems few people are NOT caught up in this dumb modern trend besides me and a few friends.

Younger and younger girls are watching music videos and other inappropriate material on YouTube etc and becoming sucked into the celebrity hangups that have plagues increasing numbers of teens and adults for at least the past 20 years. Eight year olds get sucked into loving Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse; they want to look like them, they want to own the same things and many think they want to grow up to BE them! Besides all the unhealthy things to do with self and identity, food and eating disorders, this up & coming generation sweeps a few boys and parents along as well, resulting in massive queues of youngsters wanting to audition for shows like X-Factor and America/England/Australia’s Got Talent.
SO many kids just want to grow up to be looked at- to be models, actors, the partners of rich socialites or to suddenly become the celebrity leader of some huge industrial empire without working their way up!

Much of this contributes to loss of interest in schooling, jobs or careers and kids slack off at school while squeezing their parents into providing more and more “pocket money” to buy accoutrements such as “celebrity” clothing, sunglasses, schoolbags, shoes, foods etc etc. The kids often don’t have to do anything at home or behave well to receive these large cash inputs; some even get their own credit cards! They don’t have to earn anything- it just appears and many believe life will continue this way. Why learn even harder stuff in highschool- let’s just wait around until we’re nearly old enough and then leave school and just hang around in shopping centres, waiting to be “spotted” by some talent scout! Then there’ll be no worries for the rest of your life. HAHA.

I blame the Cult of Celebrity for much of the financial calamity the world seems to have fallen into! A large number in the 99% are sitting on their bums like members of a New Guinean Cargo Cult while the rich are wallowing in their “celebrity” status and kidding themselves they don’t need a population of genuine consumers to keep making their millions! American One Percenters often want the 99% to “just go away”– looking upon them as worthless sponges. They forget that those people need a certain level of income in order to consume even basic goods, let alone the celebrity crap many peddle.

Years ago this little curmudgeon groaned at the housing companies who proudly advertised their latest models as possessing “luxury, executive features” to convince ordinary people that building one of their houses would give them “prestige”. There are “prestigious” addresses, where cashed up plumbers, shopkeepers, school principals and dental technicians live! What is this prestige other than the old fashioned “magic” of prestidigitation [otherwise known as “sleight of hand” or just plain “trickery”? Honestly, what does anyone get out of knowing they live in a so-called “prestigious” neighbourhood except neighbours just like themselves! Plus, I bet they paid more than the houses and land were worth qua “house and land” for that word “prestige”. This meant that people took out mortgages which valued the houses greater than their actual market value at sale- so they ended up owing more than their assets were worth. Stupid banks gave them loans on the assumption that everything would keep increasing in value. Then when mortgagees lost their jobs and couldn’t pay, the banks came to cash in their assets, found noone else could buy the houses, so people just left the houses to be squatted in or vandalized!

The celebrity cult of fame & wealth has even invaded science. Lately, keen reseachers can’t get work unless they are headed by some “celebrity” scientist who might have been in charge of a laboratory when a “breakthrough” was made, or just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Innocent bystander

Innocent Bystander Viognier

There are trendy topics that receive funding, at the expense of excellent ideas in unfashionable topics, such as helping the population slim down & get fit without the help of a trendy diet or celebrity fitness machine.

It looks like we’re doomed. I certainly am although I regard myself as an innocent bystander.


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