Too much stuff to do

While I’m trying to get everyday life shipshape again after being in the doldrums since April, I’ve realised I’m too scared to write down all the tasks that should be tackled regularly. Besides regular crap, there’s also the list of home maintenance tasks that only need doing every several years- but they’ve all mounted up!
It’s shocking to contemplate all the separate things we do every day, or have been counseled to do every day by various experts.
Just getting up and having breakfast can produce a list as long as my arm! Get up, find something to wear, go to the kitchen, grab the kettle, fill & turn it on; grab catfood from the pantry plus 3 dishes: feed Moggsy on the bench separately from the Ancient One and Bendix on the floor. Get breakfast stuff out of the dishwasher, make cups of tea; take tea into bedroom & wake up Spotrick & put up the blind to ensure he stays awake. Then off to clean up the litter box & any cat chunders from overnight.
Eventually, Spotrick emerges, makes porridge and serves it [I decided he had to make breakfast in our household so he had to get out of bed to have it!]. After that it’s showers for both, finding requisite clothing and taking our daily pills [old crocks!]. Then Spotrick is out the door and I’m left to my own devices. The list goes on!

It's supposed to be like this

What gets me is the fact that we have things we MUST do daily, according to all the health bods, yet most people also have a family to look after and jobs! It really bugs me to floss my teeth every day- it just doesn’t happen daily because it’s too hard, it’s too painful and it means I have to use a perborate mouthwash to stop my gums getting infected! We’re all supposed to exercise 20 minutes minimum per day, rain, hail or shine.

But I feel like this!

Even in shocking weather, we’re all supposed to get some sunshine, but not when the sun is brightest, because then we MUST wear sunscreen and hats!! Mummmmmyyyyyyy!!!

I can understand now why people say life has far more stress nowadays than it did in the 1920s. I didn’t believe life was so stressful when I had the stress of a fulltime job, but now I do!
Life has too much stuff & some of it has to go. How can I decide what goes and what stays? I don’t iron any more and Spotrick wears identical black T-shirts to work every day. But the cats never learn to feed themselves nor clean up their bowls and feeding places afterwards. At least they don’t need baths before bed and they have built-in pyjamas! LOL!

This one wears them though!

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