Beautiful Thing: An educational experience

From the title you might not conclude that Beautiful Thing by Sonia Faleiro could be very educational… unless you wanted to swiftly contract AIDS & die in the slums of Mumbai.

However, this true story of the life of a bar-dancer illuminated many things for me about life in India as a Muslim woman, about the immovability of old social structures, the nature of old Islam and [of course], public health.

I really feel some insight into the quandaries of life for women under the old and poverty-stricken Muslim regimes all through time and around the world. You may disagree with my conclusions from the book, but I’m sure you’ll never think of India the same way again. You might pause to think about the nightlife in Dubai as well.

This might not be the blog-space for me to expand on the information I gained about “ladyboys” in Asia, either, but a lot of things make sense now on why there are so many and why they lead these distorted lives.

Have a look at the blurb on Beautiful Thing from an Australian bookseller. While you’re there, sample the text via the convenient Google preview- you may be intrigued:

She is a Beautiful Thing

She is a Beautiful Thing

For a RLY SRS discussion of my learnings from the book, I’ll hop over to my public health blog shortly [people who know me would say I do EVERYTHING “shortly”, LOL].

Women, at least, should read this book- but you will need a strong stomach.


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