Flat battery

I’m stuck at home as the car has a flat battery. If Spotrick could get up early and we both had quick showers, we could get the RAA battery guy to come and fit a new one, but… It’s winter, it’s wet (so we need a dry 30 mins), Spotrick is feeling a bit low and…I have a flat battery personally.
It’s been more than 8 weeks now since I started feeling a bit low, so I’ve taken a break from my dissertation. However, after feeling a little improved generally and having a few really good days, I’m just not sparking. A few treats have been good, plus Spotrick had a really good go at some abandoned household chores at the weekend which chirped me up heaps. I think my problem seems to be that I’m expecting too much from myself because I’ve actually been physically ill as well since the end of May.
Some bug got me- not a virus I don’t think, but a yucky snot bug- my nose, ethmoid sinuses and eyes were horribly green and my throat and top of my lungs were clagged up. Two weeks of Augmentin plus Chloramphenicol eyedrops haven’t cleared it 100% and I’ve had antibiotic side effects all over the show- unlike me usually! Basically, I don’t feel well in body and that’s probably messing with my mind. I’m trying to be patient and dose up on really good food, plus some probiotics (working well) while not doing too much to challenge myself. Pity about the Heart Foundation fitness challenge I started on June 1! I’ve only managed about 4 brisk walks due to either my illness or the freezing, wet weather!
There has been a bit of paid work for me that has taken a few days [editing and proofing for several organisations], but I haven’t claimed my fees for those yet- MUST do it today!
Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get some household things accomplished. I had our largest windows measured up for custom-made blinds to insulate us from the extremes of temperature we get- and also from the electricity bill! The blinds are being fitted next Tuesday and we have enough cash set aside to pay for them. Also, I’ve sorted out my winter from summer clothes, putting the summer ones in storage containers under the carport and moving the winter ones into the wardrobe and boxes inside. We have a very small bedroom and only a single wardrobe, so we can’t keep much at all, really. The discipline of pruning the wardrobe is good for me, though, as I’m the usual sort of girl who keeps favourite clothes hanging around long after I’ve become too large for them! Off to the Salvos or the refugee fundraising mob.
With all this “free” time, I thought I might get down to some serious crafting, but I’m still surrounded by projects half begun or at the “dream on” stage! There is a jumper I started that is up to the armholes at the back, but I’m progressing very slowly- I’ll blame the ever-fascinating interwebs! My Japanese-influenced quilt still remains unquilted and my winter sewing unsewn.
My friend Caro who went overseas for holidays and family duties loaned me several books to read while she was away, so I’ve ploughed through those, most with enjoyment. There was the last in a series by Jo Nesbo, “The Leopard”, which was a ghoulish serial-killer/detective novel set in Norway, that I quite enjoyed. It was written in a gripping style and it was fairly difficult to figure out who did the murders and why.
The last in the Detective Wallander series by Henning Mankel

The Troubled Man

The Troubled Man

was a bit disappointing, although beautifully written. I felt that the lead character had been rather “degraded” by being portrayed as descending into a similar demented state to his father when he was only just nearing retirement and much the same age as me! It was paradoxical that the character could be very wily and logical in his job but become quite silly and irritable with his friends and family. Pity- would have thought Mankel could retire his wonderful character with more dignity.The Iain M Banks novel “Surface Detail” [definite pun intended] seemed quite intriguing but completely lost me when there were large slabs of dialogue between video-game players

Space cowboys

Space cowboys

just talking about what they were doing. The content of these strings of verbiage must be identical to what parents hear when teenagers congregate in bedrooms to play space cowboy videogames. Yuck! So I abandoned that book, despite being intrigued about the history and future activities of the lead character bearing the discriminatory “surface details”. “Black Diamond” by Martin Walker was a pleasant read, though I felt it was over-contrived. The ‘black diamonds’ of the title are French truffles, somehow woven into an odd tale concerning fraud at the local markets and the smuggling of politically doubtful illegal immigrants into France. I couldn’t really see why a fancy new local restaurant, memories of the Franco-Algerian conflict and a pedophile ring were incorporated!

River reeds

River reeds

Friends took us to Goolwa (near the river mouth) several weekends back for some site-seeing and a lovely fish lunch, which I thought might charge up my internal batteries, but it hasn’t had a lasting effect. We bought some flowering violas and put them in a cheery pot just outside the back windows to improve my outlook, but they just seem sweet, not inspiring. Perhaps I just need to keep thinking positive and wait a little longer to reactivate.

Cheery violas

Cheery violas

Anyway, my blog becomes very boring when I do little, so maybe I’ll make an effort after I’ve re-read this and given myself a bit of a shove!


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