Let’s start domestic

Over the last 6 months I’ve been trying to concentrate on finishing that Masters dissertation that keeps getting mentioned. I figured that if I didn’t write much in my blogs, I would be more focused on the Masters. It was OK up to a point, but when I hit a low patch mid-April, I wasn’t producing much anywhere in my life, let alone “on paper”. Now I’ve decided to stop pressuring myself to finish the dissertation and just let my efforts at writing come as they will, although there have been so many possible topics, choosing just one for the plunge has been hard enough.

So here’s a short dream; quite mundane; probably no meaning – but it’s a start.

Last night I had a number of dreams, including an unfortunate one involving someone donging me lightly on the head with a heavy saucepan! The dream forced me into wakefulness because I lunged out with a left jab and punched poor Spotrick in the head!! I awoke as my knuckles met their unintended target! Thank goodness he was a reasonable distance away and I have short arms! [Sorry Spotrick xx]

Apparent house interior

That wasn’t the dream with the most detail- here’s that one:

I was at a friend’s place helping her with a big casual lunch for a group of about 15. She is a real friend, involved in a social media job, but she’s never had me help her IRL [in real life]. We put piles of crockery and cutlery on an outside table, then brought large platters of food out for everyone to share. Everyone chatted on cheerfully until all the food had been consumed and most people had drifted off home. A few people stayed to clear up and we loaded the dishwasher.

So many dishes

So many dishes

Then disaster struck. The dishwasher filled with water, started to wash, then made some alarming pop-clunk sounds and stopped, dead. Nothing we tried worked, so we had to take everything out and make piles of dishes all over the kitchen table and benches. It looked ominously like about 3 or 4 sink-loads of manual washing up. Blerrgghh 😦

Anyway, we sorted ourselves out to work in pairs, doing a wash and rinse for each pair. I was sitting on the sofa doing some red knitting when the sounds of breaking dishes came from the kitchen- uh-oh, more trouble. I ditched the knitting and went out to help. What a mess! One person started crying and another one hugged her and decided to take her home, leaving S, C and I with the debris. Yuck!

Meanwhile, “back at the ranch”, there was a knock at the door and who should appear but my friend J, wondering if he could help! Goodness knows why he was there as we were in a suburb miles away from ours [and the house more resembled an old maisonette I used to rent than the actual house owned by S!; but it’s a dream…].



Apparently he had been walking past and heard our dish-clunking noises, deciding to investigate, as knights in shining armour tend to do.

In came J and attacked the dishwasher. He thought he could fix it. However, when he took a closer look, it seemed to have turned into something like an old-fashioned wash-copper! It appeared as a cylindrical appliance on short metal legs, with a round lid!

Old wash copper

Old wash copper

Definitely NOT a conventional dishwasher. J quickly admitted defeat and shooed us out of the kitchen. He proceeded to wash, dry and put away every single load of dishes, and what’s more, he apparently vacuumed the whole house as well!

Goodness knows where I was (or the others), as I seemed to have fallen asleep with my knitting on the sofa, completely oblivious to the washing up and vacuum-cleaner racket! I was awoken by sounds of two loud female voices coming into the house (god knows who they were – probably 2 characters out of “The Bottle Factory Outing” which I had been skimming IRL before I fell asleep on the sofa!) Anyway, the chief complaint of these two (who claimed to be the owners – poor S had suddenly been evicted and dispossessed, LOL!) was that J had put all their shoes on the beds when he was vacuuming! They thought this was dreadful and wanted to give J a good talking to! Meanwhile, he had vanished without being thanked or scolded by these crazy women.

Red knitting

Red knitting

PS. J had trodden on my knitting in the dream and made it all brown and yucky looking and I was NOT pleased! Where did this stuff come from??


4 thoughts on “Let’s start domestic

  1. I love dream interpretation! I don’t know you well enough but here’s some possibilities with your dream in relationship to your lead-in about the dissertation:
    You’ve been diverted with social endeavors and are relying on outside “forces” to clean up things that you’ve started. There’s a part of you that’s oblivious to the fact that your outside”forces” aren’t working as you would like. At the same time there’s a part of you that is alert to that fact and eventually ends up doing all the work without having enjoyed herself. When that happens you feel like you’ve been “through the ringer” and are never acknowledged for your hard work. However, you want acknowledgement from people that don’t even know you’ve gone out of your way.

    You’ve been trying to knit together all the loose ends and threads of your life into something you can wear proudly but it just hasn’t worked. Mainly because you are not paying attention to what isn’t working and focusing on the parts instead of the whole.

    Don’t know if that rings true or not but that’s my arm chair interpretation. Great dreams!

    • OK Judith, I can see what you’re getting at, but not spot on, I don’t think! The dissertation is almost finished- I’ve just given myself a therapeutic break because my depression started interfering with my ability to link the beginning to the end of sentences; a real problem when I’m trying to put together a logical sequence! I have been trying to divert myself with social endeavours and they are working, although maybe too many about now. There are no outside forces that can write my dissertation, or make me finish- I know I can finish in a few weeks- there are no unknowns in my logic. I have enjoyed doing my Masters- doing it slowly and really getting involved with the material. However, I have discovered recently it is no longer a “job ticket” which it was wen I started. The GFC has shut the door on research and philanthropic endeavours here and I can’t move house or country. Maybe I always strive for some acknowledgment- it makes me feel things were worthwhile, but this Masters I really just want to be a way of getting an income- no one needs to know the inside workings or what topics I’ve written about. Maybe I HAVE focused on the parts and not the whole, but I don’t know which bits those are! I have a pretty good life apart from my depression- I’d just like an income so I can get out of the house! I don’t have access to sufficient funds to really volunteer- cannot fuel my car or treat refugees to lunch, can’t afford industrial strength clothing to work with rescued animals etc. Anyway- there we are- don’t know what you make of that!! Incidentally, my friend J is wellknown for his activities around his own home. He works fulltime & more, does all the cooking and 90% of the other housework while his wife works halftime. I think it was just my wishful thinking that someone like him would come around and fix the place up as I’ve been ill for about 10 days!

  2. Whoa. Thanks for sharing your dream & your wonderings with us. Interesting things, aren’t they? And I agree with Caroline. Housework in dreams are just plain baaaaddd. 😉 Take care & hope you see the end of that dissertation soon enough! 🙂

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