Do you still call it “material”? Fabric indulgence.

Was flipping through some Google pages when my attention was grabbed by this pleasant- looking fabric:

Rather pleasant, I think

I’ve been picking out some fabrics for a couple of projects as I received a little cash for some work I did a while ago. Treats come rarely around here at the moment, so I’m indulging myself in small doses.

I get regular updates via email from Duck Cloth and saw some things I rather fancied for clothes sewing and some crafting. They arrived last Friday and I’ve been looking at them alongside some pieces I already have. My inclination is to make a Red Diamonds Quilt like the Kaffe Fassett classic from the original “Patchwork” book.

For a clutch of red fabrics I’ll need a few more new bits (whee!) so I ordered a few from Kelani Fabrics and have spotted some beauties at Fifi’s Fabriholics. For my (smaller) version of the Red Diamonds quilt

Kaffe Fassett Red Diamonds

I’ll need 9 diamonds in each of 14 colours. Already I can see 5 fabrics in the (visible part of) stash, so I need maybe 6 more to make a good selection to choose from. They all have to be fairly dense and vivd- not many white splashes of baby colours in the prints. It looks as though alternating very small and large prints by rows is one technique I could use, but I’ll decide when I have a mass of diamonds cut out to play with 😉

Quite often I decide I will make an item of clothing incorporating some craft fabric to get a different look. Too bad if people look at me and think I’m wearing a quilt- I like to experiment; if I like it, the garment gets finished; if I don’t it might get chopped up for a quilt later! I bought a piece of Nani Iro double gauze

Nani Iro Fuccra teal

as I thought it would combine nicely with some navy blue ribbed interlock and make a nice summer skirt. I also bought some of a new Valori Wells large print of flowers and birds for the same purpose.

Valori Wells Linen/cotton

Meanwhile, I’m completing a floral skirt for which I made up the pattern as I went along! I wanted it to be easy, wit at least a partially elastic waist to avoid zips. I figured out I’d have a small curved yoke in front and a gathered back straight from the elastic. None of my friends ever wear gathered skirts as I do- I think its because they feel tey have big thighs and bums and they want to look narrower. My thighs and bum are quite small compared with the top of me, so I puff out my bottom half a bit and try to reduce the top by using darker colours and fitted sleeves- no billowy details! Since I’m very short, I don’t bother trying to increase the illusion of height- its a lost cause; just concentrating on getting a balance of top and bottom is enough.

Now to find those links and images to show you what I’ve been on about.

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