Are most blogs boring?

It's a jetty

It's just another jetty

I’ve been looking at blogs, subscribing to some and occasionally exploring others in great lumps for about 4 years now. My partner, Spotrick, had been blogging and semi-blogging since the interwebs first allowed it,but I didn’t feel the need until about 2007/08.

This evening I thought I’d catch up on some blog reading so I flipped through my list in Google Reader. I know a lot of peeps don’t like Readers, but I just use the link to jump into the blog proper; however, I find having the list in one place allows me to balance the scope of my blog-reading each time I’m inclined.

I started with the hobby/craft blogs as I like practical stuff done with your hands rather than philosophical ponderings during my recreation time. I read a few posts from craft and sewing bloggers in the USA and Japan, made a few comments and ambled off on some of their links, enjoying myself quite well. Then I visited Twitter for a break and discovered some topics to research on the Net, such as the two earthquakes in Queensland this afternoon (I trotted off to the USGS site, got my Twitter contact to call in her earthquake experience) and some posts about wine-tasting [bloody eclectic, I am].

After that I spotted Shai Coggins announcement there that she had just blogged, so I followed the link to her latest (I’ve followed her for as long as I’ve blogged myself). I find Shai’s blogs often informative, but she has a lot of stuff about making money or commercialising blogging and social media which goes against my un-businessy grain. I mainly stick to her narrative posts about everyday life, travel and crafts. In the latest blog I noticed she appeared in the list of Aussie bloggers and since I hadn’t been to Ratified for about a year, I headed on over.

What I found in the Top 100 was mostly a pile of boring old crap as far as I was concerned – my head is not in the same space as these raters’ or the blog-reading masses! There were blogs on “writing blogs to attract lots of hits”, blogs on “making money”, blogs on “how to improve the UX [user experience/interface] to attract more followers”, various christian and proselytizing blogs, a few vaguely political, but too conservative and pin-striped for me, and some tasty cooking blogs, which I found very appealing in contrast to the others. The only one that caught my eye in the top 100 that I hadn’t seen before was BibliOdyssey. It was visually attractive and intellectually engaging, with a variety of topics – a downer was the slooooow loading because of the hires images, but I could read while I waited.

The best blog of all in the list IMHO, is MagnetoBoldToo’s, which I’ve been reading for about 3 years and which I love. Kelley just has style and pizzazz unlike any other. She’s funny, tragic, quirky and engrossing. I can see that I would NOT like her life, but she certainly gets plenty of mileage out of portraying it in that blog! She should make a heap of it into a book- it would sell, just like Kliban‘s Cats did. There’s a niche there and its big because most literate mothers would buy it and they’d be followed by a heap of blokes thinking they were missing out on something good [which they would be].

So after my mind-numbing trip through bloggyville, I won’t need to return to Ratified until next year. Meanwhile, I’ll keep in touch with Shai, Kelley and a few of the cooking blogs, plus my old faves from science-blogging and the craft world. Boredom online ain’t my idea of a picnic!


2 thoughts on “Are most blogs boring?

  1. From my point of view, it depends on the writer on how she makes and writes his/her own blog. If you’ve got interesting topics then you’d go for it, right? And if you talk about crap then who would read it? There are a lot of freelance writers out there which and where they write interesting and informative articles. Anyways, you’re one good blogger and I salute you for your great job. 🙂

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