Netflix for lower carbon emissions!

On Four Corners (TV program) at the moment there is a big kerfuffle happening about the NBN (National Broadband Network, to the furriners and luddites out there).

Netflix for Australia!

Netflix for Australia!

The government representative is all for it as it will give everyone in the nation access to high speed internet. Since Australia has a small population scattered over a vast area, it is extremely expensive to lay optic fibre to every street and the capacity has to be sufficient to last well into the future. Alternate private companies are complaining they are being excluded from making a profit on their smaller investments in fibre which are only available in cities and some nearby towns. I can see the government logic- to justify their monster investment on the community’s behalf, they want exclusive access to carrying on it to the remote areas and are charging a flat rate everywhere. The flat rate will make city broadband more expensive than it would be if fibre was only in the cities and now the private telecoms want to have their own (cheaper) fibre used in the cities and outsell the NBN. I can see the government’s point as it wouldn’t be worth subsidising the country areas (with fewer users) and then lose money when all the city users switched to AAPT or Optus. So I think we have to proceed with the NBN as set out currently and tell the private companies to make their profits somewhere else, as a good flexible company ought to do!

You have the power. Save energy!

You have the power. Save energy!


Spotrick just made the point that a lot more country dwellers would connect to broadband (and pay their share of the costs) if Netflix would just pull its finger out and make internet movies available in Australia! wow- I could really go with that!

What really iced the cake was the thought of all the carbon emissions that would be saved by having everyone stay home watching Netflix movies rather than driving to the picture theatre or the rental place every time they wanted to watch the latest stuff!

So I propose pushing the NBN on the basis of lowering carbon emissions and saving the planet!! Julia will love me!

Blobs of CO2

Blobs of CO2



One thought on “Netflix for lower carbon emissions!

  1. Nice idea. The Opposition will still be opposed to it since they thing global warming doesn’t exist, and even if it does it’s not caused by humans, and even if it is the rest of the world should act first.

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