What are Creepers?

Well, of course I know what creepers are- they’re plants that either creep along the ground or up things like trees or houses. Yep- pretty simple- I can go now; and dictionaries back me up.

First and second entries:

1. One that creeps.
2. Botany A plant that spreads by means of stems that creep.


I know that there are slang usages, too, eg. a “creep” is someone we don’t like who seems attracted to us or stalks/follows/pursues us. We all know someone who has had a Facebook stalker who is a real “creep”. Often this meaning gets extended to cover people who don’t look very attractive to us, eg. “I wouldn’t go out with that creep- his pimples are popping all over!” I also understand that certain OS colleagues (mainly those gold-darned Americans– you know who you are) use the word “creepers” for these self-same unwanted persons. The meaning can also be extended in sayings such as “He gives me the creepers when he sits in the back row”, where Aussies would say “He gives me the creeps”.
BUT: Did anyone ever hear the word “Creeper” used to refer to a car driver who goes a bit over the speed limit? Well, if you all did, I missed out. I have NEVER heard this usage…UNTIL:
My main worry is: Why did this prominent worldwide company, Clemenger BBDO, make this ad using a well known term in a totally new way?  It smacks of complete lack of market research and testing on the potential targets of the ads- I could have told them they were throwing their reputation away. What’s more, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC; I thought Mac was a brand of computers or trucks- what do I know?),  …” said it thoroughly researched campaigns with the intended target audience and based its strategies on evidence and expert advice.” I don’t think so- they were throwing their money away as far as I can judge.
When I first heard/saw them, I thought these ads were trailers for a new zombie movie! There are also a few versions where blokes in cars come alongside a woman and look at her in a “creepy” way. I thought they were part of the zombie theme, planning on doing something to the woman, then eating her! My friend C and I had quite a discussion about it- about how this ad might make some women feel scared of blokes who looked at them while driving! We didn’t notice anything about speed limits at all! Another thought I had trying to explain the “Creeper” label for drivers was in reference to older persons, especially hat-wearing males, who creep along the road at about half the speed limit and make us angry because we can’t drive “normally”. Now these “Creepers” certainly cause accidents when people try to speed them up by tailgating, or swerve around them into oncoming traffic /pedestrians/ cyclists. However, we would all recognise an advertisement warning us about “Hats”. We all know when we see a “Hat” driver

"Hat" Driver

"Hat" Driver

that we should drive carefully in case they do something unexpected, eg. stop at a green light or turn left from the right lane! Horrific driving behaviour, but predictable from the prominent way they label themselves as “Hats”! LOL

I hope I never become a “Hat” and I’m certain I’ll never be a “Creeper” without extensive genetic modification!
Acknowledgment: Thank you to Asst Chief Mark of airliners.net for the image. You might like to put a comment on his blog!

4 thoughts on “What are Creepers?

  1. The ads also seem to be telling good drivers to slow down to stop “creepers” speeding. That’s just going to make them frustrated and angry. Better to have them in front of you than behind!

  2. Personally, I’d like to see one with the Minecraft creeper, which takes the form of a cactus that explodes if you get too close to it.

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