Day 29 NaBloPoMo: Late Chrissie dinner

Tonight we had a small group of friends over for a late mini Christmas dinner. Two of them lived with us for around six months from September 2009 until March this year, when they were homeless. Mother and daughter had spent 3 months touring up the East coast of Australia with a 4-wheel drive and an ancient caravan. They then journeyed into the interior of the country and down the centre from Alice Springs to Adelaide. They were looking for work, particularly for the daughter, who had been sacked from her mining job in Tasmania. Unfortunately the GFC was causing mines to lose value, so they could not produce minerals at the low price demanded by the market.

Tonight mother, daughter and one son came over from their rented places on the coast and we had a good feast and gab-fest. Spotrick had a music mix going through iTunes and I had prepared food.

We started with homemade dukkah, olive oil for dipping and crusty Pane di Casa from the Bakers Delight outlet nearby. I had pre-roasted the turkey breast roll and vegies and only had to reheat in the microwave before serving. I made an apricot and macadamia sauce for the turkey as neither cranberries nor red currants really grow in Australia, so they’re not a required taste with turkey here. I roasted a heap of potato, carrot and pumpkin, plus prepared a green salad with several types of leaves, alfalfa sprouts, snowpeas and tomatoes. The dinner looked so bright and cheery- pity I didn’t get a photo!

For dessert we had lime delicious pudding, vanilla icecream and some King Island Double Cream- almost as solid as butter- which the guests contributed.

We didn’t drink much alcohol as the young fellow doesn’t like it, I can’t have wine because of the strange effect it has on me while I’m taking Effexor, so Spotrick and one guest helped themselves to a Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. I didn’t even have any beer, which was unusual, though I think I was too occupied with the food to think about what I was missing!

It was a fairly hilarious evening and we didn’t part company until after midnight! We pulled Cristmas Crackers, donned silly paper hats and found miniature gifts of plastic dinosaurs! Now we are recovering for a few minutes before hitting the sack. Moustiers the 110-year-old lilac Burmese (that’s in human equivalent years to her 18 cat years), took over the young lad’s lap for the whole evening. Of course he was wearing a black T-shirt- very useful with her sticky, barbed fur! It never washes out! She came to life when a mechanical, remote-controlled rat was shown to her! Bendix, on the other hand was scared to death by the toy and fled outside; such a big fluffy wuss he is!! Moggsy stayed outside until everyone had left and then came in briefly, but treated the turkey scraps with great distain, insisting on canned fish. At least Bendy wasn’t scared of the turkey and nommed it all with enthusiasm!

This is merely a blog of duty tonight as I haven’t had much on my mind besides house cleaning and cooking- so that’s what I wrote about! Recipes for dukkah, lime delicious pudding and apricot/macadamia sauce can be supplied!

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