Day 7 NaBloPoMo: Quickie not following a prompt!

A few days ago I received a terrific surprise in the mail- an annual report on my World Vision Child in Haiti! She had survived the massive earthquake and problems afterwards. I hope she doesn’t get cholera- but her report said she was very healthy and hadn’t visited the doctor for anything other than a check-up.

Her name is Chrislove Dorce and she is 11 years old. She lives with her parents in a small tacked-together dwelling on a hillside with a tiny area of farm and some goats and chooks. She doesn’t do well at school and is repeating 3rd grade of primary school for the third time in 2011. She doesn’t look academic and never mentions books or enjoying school. I guess she is not the type, poor little thing. I don’t really see a rosy future for her, but she is alive, healthy and may change a lot before she becomes an adult. The French schooling system there is not very forgiving of children who don’t have good basic skills and logical thought- she starts at a disadvantage. However, I can’t go over there and offer her an alternative, just keep my fingers crossed she doesn’t get totally pissed off and leave before she can read a health warning sign!

The letter from her district office came just as I was becoming quite distressed over the currently-running World Vision ad on TV. I keep looking at the little boy- “Apilat” I think is his name, according to the big youngster narrating the ad. The poor little one needs sponsorship because he is malnourished, drinks dirty water, has malaria and often has diarrhoea. I hope the big boy is able to get a scholarship to enter teachers college as he wishes and that “Apilat” and his compatriots gain sponsors.

I can’t contribute more- my partner is already putting in my usual contribution because I have no job or regular income. If I had a job, I could sponsor another child, but that will have to wait.

Meanwhile- how about anyone who reads this post giving it some thought?? Any contribution is better than the possibility of one child suffering longer, in my opinion.


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