Day 4. NaBloPoMo- it’ll have to be the weather!

Just as everyone is commenting on Climate Change, I have also noticed peculiarities in the weather here. There’s usually a fairly definite pattern to weather in Adelaide, South Australia- it’s generally a dry climate, described by the experts as “Mediterranean”. We have cool wet winters

Three in the mist
and long hot summers with not much in between.
So cold In fact, the spring flowers like daffodils and ranunculus generally come out one day looking all colourful and lush,
Ballet class
while the next day there is a roaring northerly wind (off the desert) and they get all fried!

At the moment we have a weird hot spell with lurking thunder storms and a bit of light rain. This is unheard of here- it feels tropical and all the asthmatics are suffering from the humidity and extra pollen in the air (plus moulds, I guess). Our winter was unusually wet, so the dams are full which is a GOOD thing, as we generally have water restrictions due to inadequate filling; BUT the cooler, wetter winter and spring have made us complacent about the garden and our own comfort, so the hot weather now feels quite punishing.
They say the changed seasonal pattern locally is due to La Nina (I can’t apply the accent curlicue to “n”- sorry) over the Pacific. She alters the flow of cool moist air from the Southern Ocean and makes us more tropical, while causing unseasonal flooding in the Eastern Australian states. The farmers here were so happy with the winter rains, they were forecasting bumper crops and billions of dollars to set themselves right after years of drought. However, the recent rains and humidity have devastated some of the harvest- the grains are germinating on the stalk and can only be used for animal feed. Some regions might be OK- this is a huge state with widespread plantings of different grains and the wet weather doesn’t reach all of it.
Our garden is the best it’s looked in years because of the extra water and long growing season- the little magnolia tree is getting a ginormous bud,
Magnificent magnolia
the pencil pines are green and straight and the box hedge around the front beds has renewed itself at last! The Mexican Tree Dahlias are not quite as good- maybe TOO MUCH water earlier- but they are shooting madly in the heat.
I’m hoping La Nina sticks with us in the city and ignores the country– giving farmers and city folk a good dose of what they need!

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