Winter kitty

Winter kitty

Originally uploaded by Murfomurf

Moggsy may have grown up a bit since I last caught her in the bare maple, but she still has a real ball up there! She was very shy and retiring from the age of six months to three years, but recently she has started to trust us again. We could never pinpoint any traumatic occurrences that might have made her mis-trustful, but she suddenly stopped hopping on our laps and wouldn’t get on the furniture- especially the bed. If we picked her up she would struggle furiously and yowl and if we placed her on the bed, she’d take off like a snake had bitten her. She spent her nights alone, sitting in the middle of a rug in the lounge room and wouldn’t cuddle up to soft things- certainly not other cats in the household. It wasn’t the death of her twin, Marmy, last year, that set her off- her nervous behaviour just started. Maybe some huge dog scared her or she was reacting to the young idiots over the back fence who used to yell at all animals and throw things at them. Thank goodness they’ve gone- but she perked up before they left! Maybe she’s psychic! Dear little “Red-Red”.


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