What I wrote in Wendy’s blog

Dear Wendy, your neighbour with no interests is profoundly depressed- been there, done that. :(. She needs a good, undemanding and REAL friend who will keep pushing her to get the right care. It sounds as though she could afford a good psychiatrist who can do some cognitive-emotional work with her. I used to be an absolute livewire, constantly doing multiple things, springing up and down and annoying everyone in front of TV (while sewing, knitting, reading, cooking, studying, listening to extra music). However, after too many stresses made my depression emerge I gradually got to the state where I couldn’t even FORCE myself to do the things I used to love doing. I was determined to get fixed, but many years of failed medications and trying activities like aquarobics to cheer me up I eventually got to the stage of having 3 alternate plans to kill myself about this time last year [I’m trained in psychology and couldn’t fix myself, that’s for sure; and I was still very practically contemplating suicide]. Somehow I persuaded myself that I should get a new GP and demand I be given a proper mental health plan (which we’re entitled to under the government Medicare scheme in Aust.) She nearly detained me to the public psych hospital but I agreed to sign that I would not commit suicide while waiting to return to her in a week, plus going on some new medication in a decent dose. To cut 12 months story short, I was referred to a lovely woman psychiatrist (whom I had known vaguely in past work) who fixed me within 3 months/5 sessions plus FOUR TIMES the amount of medication I had been given by the GP. I am now finally back to my multifarious hobbies- knitting, sewing, felting, dyeing, reading etc and studying for my MPH better than ever. My only hiccup is that I have no job or income, so I can’t buy new materials for my crafts- but I’m NOT depressed about it! Seriously- you or someone else should take on the community responsibility of getting that woman back in the land of the living!!!

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