Aww.. my favourite animal!

Happy When It Rains !

Originally uploaded by Dan Belton

Although I’m Australian, I have always loved badgers. I first met badgers in my books when I was tiny, then went on the read ‘The Children of Cherry Tree Farm’ by Enid Blyton, where old Benjie lived in the woods and looked after the wildlife, especially badgers.
Badgers have always seemed so sweet-looking, quiet and inoffensive. It breaks my heart sometimes when I see that people are still baiting and killing them because they are said to spread TB in cattle. What a load of bollocks- do you see badgers curling up with cows at night??
It was good to discover recently via Snailquake on Plurk, that Britain has started vaccinating badgers and cows against TB, so there should be no good reason to ever harm them again.
This youngster in the photo looks like he’s just started foraging on his own and will be keen to get back to the sett and dry off with the family!


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