Anti-stress resolution (or deadly boring but important to avoid the blues)

Boinngg!!! It hit me while I was hanging the washing! No not a dead bird…it was the flash of blinding insight that IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THERE IS WHITE FLUFF ON BLACK CLOTHES! Furthermore, if people choose to judge others and what they say solely on the evidence of white fluff on black clothes- then those people’s opinions are not worth SHIT!

There- I’ve certainly lived a lot of years before being illuminated in this regard, but it’s better than never at all!

For.. well, forever- I have always turned my black clothes right side out before washing because I didn’t like the effect of the white fluff and also because others sometimes remarked on it, or tried to brush it off me. Also, since Spotrick and I have lived together he has sometimes expressed annoyance at the white fluff on his black T-shirts (which he wears to work now) and I have responded. For years I have been quite depressed and unable to get out from under and every time I started the washing I would either get Spotrick to turn his shirts the right way out or I would do it (more often…), thinking how awful this was and how it made tears come to my eyes.

Pegs on the line

Peg art

But I DID DO IT most of the time, in spite of the struggle it caused in me- I sacrificed my own mood to those bloody fluff-botherers!! Grr… Why didn’t I see the error of my ways earlier? Who knows- I’ve changed now.

So- anyone who knows me in my true hooman form, please don’t respond to either Spotrick or to me on the basis of our fluff-load- respond to what we say and what we do! We are far from fluffyheaded!

So there world- take care of your own neuroses because one of mine IS NO MORE!!


Kitteh doesn't care about white fluff!

Kitteh doesn't care about white fluff!


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