Hippity hobbitty, back to my hobbies!

How about this? I’m chirpy enough to get my knitting going again! Whee!! I’ve decided to start something completely new rather than thrash myself trying to finish anything I started when I was miserable- and it’s an easy-ish project as well.

I had some sock yarn (Paton’s Patonyle 4ply, 80% wool and 20% acrylic, 374m in 100gms) in a deep red, almost burgundy and a variegated black/grey which I decided to make into a scarf.
The scarf pattern is a slip stitch one from Knitter’s Winter 2009 named ‘Strips of Stripes’. I have cast on with 3.00mm needles and done 7 rows to establish the rhythm of the pattern- so I’m off!
Hopefully I’ll stick to it for various nights during the week and get it finished in a few weeks time. I’m not going to do a big, ambitious blitz and vow to finish it at the weekend, I’m merely committing to trying to stick with it while I’m cheerful.
I’m pretty determined to stay cheerful for a while- wish me luck! If I can get into the knitting comfortably, I might be able to restart some of my other hobbies and get a bit more breadth to my life again. It’s not as though I haven’t got time!

Illustration from Knitter's magazine


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