Random catch-up stuff

I keep getting ideas to blog about, writing them down, then getting uninspired after a few sentences. Therefore, I’ll just blog a few random things from the past few weeks.
I daresay I haven’t blogged about Evangeline and AJ staying with us 3- 4 months and then going off in different directions- one to Roxby Downs, the other back to Tasmania (with Kevin the dog). Well, Amelia-Jane is now working in the Olympic Dam uranium mine on an underground drilling crew. She was a drill operator in Tasmania, but with BHP-Billiton she has to start at the bottom again and work up to drilling! Last week she had a bit of a tanty about being held back, so her boss let her swap the green hat for a white one a bit early. She was damned sick of being mistaken for a green newbie who knows nothing about mines!
A few weeks ago she came back from Roxby for a break, but having had only 3 days off in 35, they called her back to fill in for someone else! While she’s keen to make some cash quickly to get her life back on track, this sounded a bit too much for my liking! However, I drove her back to the airport and she’s been doing 12 hour shifts every day since. A day or two ago I tore out to the airport to have coffee with her as she was going straight through to Tasmania to see her mum for a week! What a life!
I’ve been reading, preparing some stuff for my MPH dissertation and trying to get a bit of sewing done. I haven’t been madly inspired about anything, but hanging on for my increased pills to kick in- fingers crossed.
Spotrick seems a bit depressed and uninspired, too- I think it’s the upheavals at work for him- everything had to be moved becasue of proposed asbestos removal and building alterations at Adelaide Uni.
The cats have had a few adventures- Bendy came through the front door two weeks ago covered in road tar! He was very distressed, meowing and scared. He looked shocking and I was quite upset too. I quickly got him into the shower and tried to wash some of it off with special cleanser I have for my glass work. I thought the tar would poison him if he licked too much off and ate it!
After getting the worst off and clipping some solid bits, I took him to the vet. There two vet nurses held him down and clipped the difficult sections off his tummy and paws and face. He shook and panted the whole time through this ordeal- I felt so sorry for him!
Meanwhile, he has cleaned off the rest (amidst multiple hawkings of furballs!) and only looks a bit motheaten where I cut the chunks off his back! Fortunately, his enormous and gorgeous tail was tar-free!
The last few days Moggsy (4 years old, female), has been giving Bendix (1 year old, male) really vicious beatings several times a day. I thought she had got over this sort of behaviour, but she has started afresh for some reason- maybe he smelled weird and foreign after his tar accident?? The outcome has been ME getting lots of scratches and bites trying to rescue Bendy at various times. He’s bigger and heavier than her now, but she still manages to repeatedly scratch his dear little nose- he’s going to be scarred for life!
I got a video of him yesterday, scratching at the door and then leaping backwards- here’s the YouTube link:
I haven’t done a lot of photography lately either- just not inspired and the weather has been too hot to go anywhere during daylight.
We did go to the movies and saw “Shutter Island” with Leonardo di Caprio (whom I usually think looks too pretty and juvenile for the part) as a US Marshal (these days a regional policeman) and Ben Kingsley as a clever and dignified psychiatrist. The setting on a craggy island with violent weather was wonderfully conducive to the scarey mood of the pic. The criminally insane residents in the island asylum were rather caricatured- bizarre and/or ugly-looking in the main, which I thought was a bit over the top. However, they might not have looked sufficiently interesting if played as ordinary-looking people- which most criminals or mentally ill individuals usually appear to be. The story progressed well from my point of view although others thought it a bit slow. I felt that the movie was more a portrayal of the story BEHIND the book by Dennis Lehane as some behaviours were made overt which were not obvious in the book. However, I’m biased, having read the book a while ago and bringing my knowledge of the mystery to the film, whereas most viewers would be naive. I’d recommend the movie to anyone who is realistic about mental illness- I think under-18s and nervy types might find it rather disturbing. Also, we have to remember the movie is set in the 1950s and the world is a rather different place now!
Hopefully I’ll be more inspired to write about something definite in a week or two- I did manage to stick to a topic in my health blog, writing about gout in a conversational vein to try and dismiss some community myths! Its at: http://healthforhumans.blogspot.com


3 thoughts on “Random catch-up stuff

  1. Nothing worse than that uninspired feeling, I get it occasionally and drop off my blog. The movie you described sounds really fascinating, I might check it out.

    If you need some inspiration, don’t forget Fun Monday, my post is up. If you’re not up to or uninspired to join in that’s fine, it happens to me sometimes.

    Poor Bendy and his tarring incident.

  2. ooooh, I wanted to see that movie.

    I can’t see a movie if I have read the book beforehand. It never lives up to my expectations. Except Girl, Interrupted.

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