Future blog ideas

I have a headful of possible topics I’d like to explore, but it’s not a social thing, sorry. Here’s a few that are buzzing loudly:
1. When several (possibly) autoimmune diseases happen in the same person, do they involve the same sorts of immune reaction?
2. Am I an ex-gifted child who has underachieved and ended up in the shit? What can I do about it?

3. Why was Los Angeles built the way it was? Can people seriously live on the piles of rubble with retaining walls and expect not to be affected by the weather, floods and landslides? Who pays? Why do they pay up? Google Earth is good for this one!
4. The puzzle of Iran, it’s nuclear determination, geology, views from the air, Iranians I know, what do they hope to achieve, why do so many desperately want to leave?
5. Astronomy and astrophysics- so interesting, so attractive and what’s happening these days?
6. Persuading ordinary people to live more respectful of the earth. Impossible?
7. Are universities becoming mainly vocational and ticket-providers? Who cares?

Golden hall of learning, or ticket office?

Golden hall of learning, or ticket office?

Is there anything you’d like me to get stuck into? Please comment!


2 thoughts on “Future blog ideas

  1. What did Douglas Adams say in his introduction to “Hitch-hikers Guide…”? Something about “This has already happened”? Oh gawd, i’ve no idea what i’m gibbering on about! hahahaa

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