Bruno’s Dordogne

I’ve been reading a few books by an author named Martin Walker, who looks uncannily like my branch of the Walker family. This one is the second in a series of light detective mysteries set in the Dordogne wine-making region of France.
The Dark Vineyard: A novel of the French countryside The Dark Vineyard: A novel of the French countryside by Martin Walker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
After 80 pages I thought it seemed to give a good impression of normal life in the French countryside.
The story brought in several possible new loves for the rather classically French policeman, Inspector Bruno, but I won’t spoil the story for you by saying how successful he was with how many!
The plot was nicely mysterious but I felt the “false leads” weren’t fleshed out enough to convince me in a short number of pages. However, it was interesting how the plight of the French wine industry in the modern era of multinational corporations, was portrayed. The author also complimented the South Australian wine education system by implying that it was the best in the world- pleasing to me as an Adelaide resident with quite a few wine-making acquaintances.
To my mind there wasn’t enough detail on the investigation of the suspicious deaths, which took some potential suspense out of the story.
Overall, I felt a little disappointed in this book after having read the first Inspector Bruno. This one makes a good light read but isn’t long- or gripping enough for a major plane journey.

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