Exploring the gardens of Tuscany

I borrowed a book from the local library named “The Gardens of Tuscany” by Ethne Clarke and Raffaello Bencini. It is full of amazing photographs, like the one about English gardens I own by Ethne Clarke and someone else. As I have only seen a few public gardens around Florence during my occasional travels to Italy, I thought I would locate a few of the private ones via Google Earth. Then I could arrange to visit them if I ever go to Italy again. I was amazed how well hidden some of these gardens are,, behind innocuous-looking walls right near the middle of cities!
Here is a snap from Google Earth of the Villa Medici Gardens at Fiesole, just outside Florence:


Gardens of the Villa Medici at Fiesole, Italy

I have lots of lovely photos of flowers and gardens on my RedBubble site; perhaps you might even purchase a postcard or two!


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