I dreamed of races along riverbeds

Some weirdly unconnected dream bits all occurred in a row after a pizza dinner. I’m beginning to think it’s the glutamate from the tomatoes acting as a neurotransmitter (something to save for my health blog! )
Anyway, the dream started off with some people doing silly things as New Years’ celebrations. Some young guys were trying to walk along underwater in the Torrens (the local river, more akin to a stream)

The Torrens in the gorge

Torrens River- more of a stream.

. Somehow the riverbed had been lit by powerful spotlights, so you could see the sandy bottom and pebbles. Young fellows were stripping to shorts or undies and jumping into the river from the sides or small footbridges and racing along on foot under water- taking big high steps and propelling themselves downstream. When they emerged at some designated finish line, their mates doused them with beer and laughed and leapt about! It all looked like a lot of fun, considering the usual hot weather we have at New Year.
Then I was involved in the celebrations- aboard a big rubber ring thing/life saver dinghy. Me and several others were swirling downstream shrieking and laughing in one of these things and as we got near the lake in the middle of town we splashed over a little weir and set off a heap of coloured dye that sprayed out all round the ring, the same colour as the “boat”! Ours was a red one and out came all this lovely bright red dye, making a very colourful entry to the lake. We looked back at the weir and two more boats came over- one bright yellow, the other red. Spotrick shouted- “Quick- get some photos of these ones spraying their dye as they come over!”; so I pointed my camera and tried to get a few shots.
Then our boat whooshed down towards a large group of people at the end of the lake who had little paddle boats and water toys in the shallows. We tried to go backwards to the deeper part where we could see the other boats arriving, but got stuck and had to go to shore.
Riverside convention centre

Convention centre near the river

On shore I entered a place that looked a little like the hospital I used to work at, but more of a construction site. In a large room upstairs, they were preparing for a big dinner for all the staff. Tables were set up and decorated rather elegantly- there were various high fashion sponsors (*I looked at some fashion sites on the net last night*)- there was a Lanvin decorated drinks table and other designer contributions of wall hangings and couches. I helped lay out cutlery and glasses in clusters on tables and started to bring out the buffet food. Outside the room, a crowd was forming and was being ushered into queues to await the doors opening. When I finished carrying things, I went outside to line up.
There was such a huge jostling crowd, with plenty of children included, so I thought I would go elsewhere and wait until the kids had all had something. meanwhile an old work colleague who had been made head of student research projects took me aside and asked for a bit of help. She told me that she wasn’t sure about two students because she couldn’t understand exactly what their projects were about. She asked me to come along somewhere and talk to the students to see if I could clarify things.
I went along and got talking to the first student, who turned out to be someone I had met in a previous dream! His name was Alex and he originally came from Russia- his project was a clever cognitive neuroscience thing about processing visual images, with inferences about which neural pathways were being used. As I had talked to Alex before, I knew what he was talking about, even though his English hadn’t made a lot of sense to my colleague. I explained it to her in less abstruse terms and she was happy to have him continue with the project. The other student was a young fellow whom I recognised as having a problem with psychosis– he said all the right words about his research topic area, but in a complete word salad! He was obviously having some trouble thinking at the time, so I suggested he go see his health worker and re-attempt the project next session! My colleague was grateful I’d sorted that one out!
Then I went out of her building and tried to go back for the feast. However, this wasn’t easy as we had to go through a narrow space between two construction barriers. As we tried to squeeze through the gap, I noticed a pile of old sheets and rags partially blocking the path. I looked more carefully to see if I could move them and saw a small head poking out from the very bottom of the heap (*this must have been inspired by the scenes from the quake in Haiti*). It belonged to a little boy with crinkly hair
Cute boy

Love the crinkly hair

and dark skin like a Caribbean islander- he was wearing a scraggy emerald green T-shirt and was rather dusty and teary-looking. I got an African man to help me get the child out and told him to take him inside via the fire doors to get some food at the feast before all the other people ate it all!
The dream then deteriorated into some weird scenes of me trying to approve details on some certificate that I and other people were going to receive- but the paper was huge and very soft, so when I tried to write on it, the pen went through and mucked it up. They wanted me to initial all sorts of little design details and stuff- so I just abandoned it and it floated away on the river! Too much trouble! Then I woke up and had to feed Mousty and Bendix!


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