New meme: Travels on Google Earth

I just dug out this, which was the makings of a new post several months ago. Since my “flyover” of Alaska I have also explored the northern coast of Russia/Siberia, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and the Pacific Coast of California from Monterey Bay northwards. I have learnt so much about landscape, erosion, geology, landuse and many aspects of ecology while “travelling” that I’m dtermined to expand on these topics. I think by putting this fragment into my blog it will encourage me to get on with it.
Journey of Exploration 1: Alaska.
I could spend a good part of my life “flying” across Alaska via Google Earth; try N58deg 31m 4.8s, W135deg 19m 30s. Nudge the image and drift while listening to Yes “Starship Trooper”. Mmmmmmm.
Flickr has oceans of images to continue the reverie while you play more “Yes”, “Rick Wakemen” “Brian Eno”, “Sky”, “Electric Light Orchestra/ELO”

Denali by photo61guy on Flickr.
Denali layers by JLMPhoto on Flckr.
from vertical_hiker on Flickr.
,a href=””> from a walk on the woldside nature photography on Flickr. from Natural Ligh’s photostream on Flickr. from trevj on Flickr.
Umnak Island in teh Aleutians: Flickr member Tatters:)
Hot springs from Aleutian Fox:
Northern lights over Fairbanks by Stormscape on Flickr:
Definitely with a looped sound track of:

There- I’ve made a start. More soon 🙂

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