Monday- new book for Spotrick

Spotrick bought his holiday reading- the third in the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson “The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest“. I’m hopefully borrowing a copy from a friend so I can start before he finishes!
Evangeline, A-J and I did a bit of window shopping in Rundle Mall- I don’t think I had been there for three months! They hadn’t been for a year, as they were living in Tasmania or travelling 10 000 kilometres up the east coast and down the Aussie interior! We had no money to spend, so we just oohed and ahed over the new season’s clothes- I stored a few ideas to copy or adapt old stuff! I seemed to be rather drawn to yellow things- a nice happy colour. I rather liked a polka-dot blouse from Alannah Hill, while Evangeline loved the decorated cardigans with embroidery, sparkles and bows!

Alannah Hill Join my Dots Cardi

Alannah Hill Join my Dots Cardi

There were some some lovely things from Lisa Ho, but I have never been able to afford that sort of thing even when I’m working full time! Esprit and Witchery had some more reasonably-priced things that weren’t too decorated- I like fairly plain stuff.
It would be good to get something nice for a job interview, but I can’t afford it and will cross that hurdle when I get to it. Last time I had a job interview, I wore a nice skirt but it was rather tight in the waist, although my blouse and jacket fitted fine. I have several pairs of suitable shoes for interviews as I don’t wear them every day, but Evangeline said she hasn’t got any decent ones any more. I certainly haven’t got a dark coloured suit that fits- haven’t bought one for twelve years!
I’m wishing the craft bug would bite me a bit harder now- perhaps I might be inspired to sew a few things for summer, since I’ve managed to knit something after a long “dead zone” with no motivation or energy.


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