Finished the psychedelic fingerless mitts!!

Although I did some work on my uni assignments, the highlight of the day was finishing the fingerless mitts. My internet friend Yvonne in Dortmund, Germany got me to test a simple new pattern she had written. I completed the knitting and crocheted the edges of the second mitt, then photographed the mitts with yarn and needle gauge samples for Yvonne’s website on Etsy.

Fingerless mitts knitted in psychedelic yarns!

Fingerless mitts knitted in psychedelic yarns!

I also got into the debate about the usefulness and enjoyment of Twitter, Plurk and Facebook. Spotrick wrote a proper blog about it and Charlie thinks she will blog too. I find Twitter a bit bland and disconnected, Plurk is nice for warm, friendly little exchanges and Facebook is a good all round site where I can keep in touch, share things and have a wider circle of acquaintances. Charlie likes Twitter for “corporate” communications, but I find that aspect leaves me cold. I’m not interested in finding out about companies, investments or “products” via a communications network consisting of little snippets- I’ll leave that to big companies interested in competition with each other.


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