What happened Monday? Ummm…

It was a public holiday and I needed reminding what we did??? Oh yes and Tuesday was a work day and I ummm…? Must have done something.

Wednesday I did a lot of cleaning and the vacuum cleaner was so clogged with dust I got drowned in it! We had dinner at Wah Hing and learnt some interesting news. Amelia came and stayed the night so she could go to band practice with David.

Thursday was uni day and I watched the rest of Michael Moore’s “Sicko” online. We had a good old debate in the tutorial about funding of the Australlian health system and the USA crept in quite a bit!

Today I printed out some dog-coat patterns for Amelia and her friend Reannen to knit, went to Norwood to have a coffee/lunch with friends, SPotrick started 2 weeks holiday and we are going with a group of friends to Regatta’s tonight for dinner (consequently blowing next week’s budget in advance).

I’ll add more later maybe. Where did that week go?


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