An internet rendezvous

Today I linked up again with an online friend who lives in The Netherlands. He once lived in Adelaide and worked in the Emergency Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, but I never knew hom then! Now he is a specialist anaesthetist and intensive care doctor back in his home country, where he still finds a little time to take some great photos, although with babies and his tough job he mainly confines them to holidays. I noticed a cute pic of his youngest daughter Jasmijn, and some shots from the latest holiday in Crete.

Here is little Jasmijn beaming her smile to the world:

Jasmijn van Straalen

Jasmijn van Straalen

Wouter then had a good blitz visit to my Flickr photostream, which made me pretty happy that he remembered me and he liked quite a few of my recent pix! I think it was great of him to take the time, since he doesn’t have much of it these days! Yayy!!

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