About a drive…

Today we went for one of our fun drives in the country with our friends who live close by and who own the requisite small 4WD (A Honda urvile or something!). We choofed off and nearly made it onto the main road before one of them realised they had left a huge pot of curry simmering on the gas stove…back again, whoopsy do!
Our second foray got us going through the centre of the city with the driver acting rather hyperactive, getting petrol, washing the windscreen, plus all the other windows and fussing about the route to take. In fact he fussed about the route about every five minutes once we got into the country, consulting Karen (the GPS) repeatedly. This did not stop him from going past the same scenery three times at one point!!
We made it to a winery for lunch after a bit of a stroll near the Kangaroo Creek reservoir,

Kangaroo Creek reservoir nice and full

Kangaroo Creek reservoir nice and full

where the water is nearly up to maximum, although not going over the spillway. Last year it was so shallow, you practically had to hang over the side of the dam to see any water in the bottom! We are very pleased about the break in the drought.

Spring blossom in the Adelaide Hills

Spring blossom in the Adelaide Hills

Anyway, Chain of Ponds Winery Restaurant was a very attractive place with tasty wines and a lovely lunch menu. We chose a large platter of antipasto to share which had lots of locally made tidbits with various sauces and dips- yummo! We also shared a dish of cheddar and leek tart with salad before moving to dessert and coffee. We had Turkish Delight flavoured cheesecake with coconut ice-cream and strawberry coulis (although it was listed as a toffee orange sauce which I couldn’t eat because of allergies). Nom nom- what a delicious cheesecake! The coconut icecream was nice- good texture, but the flavour wasn’t as good as my homemade one; I’ll know next time. Incidentally the 2005 Amadeus Shiraz-cabernet-merlot we drank was absolutely scrumptious- not to be missed. I could also go their liqueur which is based on Ligurian Bee Honey made locally on Kangaroo Island where the colony is kept pure.
After this we whizzed through the countryside, turning backwards and forwards on our tracks due to frequent consultations between John and Karen (the GPS!!)! It was a bit manic at times and we only got a few photo stops! However, we got nice shots of the Torrens River in the gorge

The Torrens River

The Torrens River

, then some nice scenery shots, flowers and some of an emu in a paddock!

Mr Emu at Mt Gawler

Mr Emu at Mt Gawler

On the way back through the Hills it was fairly hectic and we didn’t stop for anything- despite which Spotrick managed to sleep all down the freeway until we reached home!
So I’ll stick a few photos in here, plus you can see the Flickr ones in the column to the right!
There- I’ve blogged- not thrilling, but done! Woot!
PS. Was reading about Mindfulness Therapy for depression and discovered I hadn’t been doing it properly as my therapist has skipped over it too lightly, really. Now I will try to do it more mindfully! Fingers crossed for me!


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