Flickr is less mesmerising

sand and foam..
Originally uploaded by itsbk#2

Wow! It’s difficult to imagine how close he had to get to capture this shot, nor how big the splash is… whatever- it’s awesome!

I bet this amazing photo doesn’t get onto Flickr’s Explore page for the day. This is because Flickr’s criteria for “Interestingness” have changed since late last year. I used to regularly get one or two pix per month into the Explore group since I started on Flickr several years ago. I assumed it was some sort of algorithm involving the number of views people made, the number of “Favorites” scored and the number of Comments gained- I was going to do a regression equation on the factors, but wasn’t that enamoured of it! There was a group of Flickrites who figured out some of the indicators and designed their Flickr interactions to mutually enhance each other’s probability of getting into Explore- and it worked. However, I had a look using’s Scout tool to find my total Explore/Interestingness photos for 2009 so far and there were 8. You can see them in my Flickr feed on the right hand side. In my opinion I’ve taken some much better photos this year, but they have been less successful! I’m not too worried- just intrigued.

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