Mucking about with theme, header

Spotrick and a few others had been finding my blog a bit unreadable with the black background/white text, although I love white on black! Therefore I’ve experimentally gone to the K2 theme with a bigger font and black on white. The header is giving me some trouble, so I’ll probably change it a few times before I’m satisfied. The murky shades of the dead lotus at the Botanic Gardens are great colours in my mind’s eye, but the variation in lightness is problematic for the title. I’ll need to find a pic that’s more uniform and less contrasty. Hmm…where could I find something like that??? Off to my Flickr for a general perusal.

One thought on “Mucking about with theme, header

  1. You could muck around with it in photoshop and make a banner thing like I used to have with the coffee beans (if you remember my old format). I had the same problem.

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